What if…..?

In 2015, in the month of January , mumbai hosts one of india s favourite marathon, the TATA MUMBAI MARATHON(earlier it was STANDARD CHARTERED MUMBAI MARATHON). I had registered for a full marathon , but suffered an injury (fractured metatarsal)on the second weekend of training.

After 45 days of cast and physiotherapy , I was back on the course , training for half . I did not change the registration as half marathon bibs were sold out. The plan was to , start with the Full marathoners and stop after 21.1kms.

During one of my long runs, I got this weird idea, WHAT IF???

WHAT IF , I just run the FULL MARATHON in jan , though I was only training for a half. I did not voice it to anyone. Deep down , I was confident I could run the course and but I was scared ,if I told anyone they would voice their fears and that might affect my decision.

So this WHAT IF, thought came to me in late November. I kept up the half marathon training, harbouring the devious plan in my head. I kept running the full marathon course in my head, visualising the various sites I would cross. The beautiful worli sealink and the crowd cheering at the finish line.

Race day came and I knew deep down I was ready . The WHAT IF became I WILL….!!!

The race strategy was simple. At every 10 kms I would tell my legs , to start fresh. I would treat every 10 kms as a race. Erase memory of the past. It actually worked upto to 36km mark , where I happened to bump into my chief coach and I just lost my nerve. The look on his face, is still fresh in my memory. He infact,screamed ..” WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”.

I remember clearly , I replied ” I AM FINE. I WILL RUN.”

Thus began my actual marathon struggle. I was so overwhelmed with various emotions. I was not doing the right thing, especially , as I was part of a running community. I knew I would be blacklisted for not following the rules of the community. I was too confused . One part of me was telling me to stop while the other part pushed me to continue, I had come so far. It would be all over in matter of few kms.

At that time , a good running buddy , who had diligently trained for the full marathon , came along and pulled me along with him. He kept pushing me , not to think and just finish the race.

Both of us finished together. It was awesome . I was numb. I WILL… I DID IT!!!!

The runner’s high subsided, various thoughts started flooding my mind. Especially , the words “YOU DID WRONG” It was crazy idea. I just could not justify my actions and my thoughts .

After a few days, the coaches sat me down for a one on one. The WHAT IF’s and the BUT’s  were spelt out to me clearly and I was warned. FIRST and LAST WARNING!!I knew I was at fault, especially , as my running community would be affected , due to my actions. I took the warning in stride and started training again.

A lot has happened since that first Full marathon. Next week I will be running my Second marathon, attending the full training program. Being as regular as possible. This will be my first marathon , after motherhood.

Breathing in…






Running Mantras!!

Running Mantras are powerful words repeated to self at times of calm as well as distress. At least thats what it means to me. Its that time of life and situation where you have to look inwards. The mantras I generally use are:

Dig deep!!!

One Kilometre at a time.

Just breathe and smile.

Keep moving.

You are made for this.!!! ( this is inspired by my mom)

These are the ones I will be relying on for my marathon, next weekend.





A week to go..

Marathon training is almost done and I am having a bitter sweet feeling. The structure and regime will all go up in the air once the marathon is over.

I like structure,

I like regime,

I like discipline.

The 3 D’s- Dedication, Determination and Discipline are my mantra words. I have done what the training program has asked me to and now its all up to the race day. I am working on visualisations and meditation techniques to push through the wall. The race is happening on home ground. My main advantage . Looking forward to the cheering and my main support team who are all excited for me.

Breathe in and Let go…..





FOCUS is the word which keeps popping up in my mind constantly. So I am attempting to put my goals up here so I will stay accountable.

  • Try something new everyweek
  • Strength Train at least 3 times a week
  • Focus on Food- Portion Control
  • Repot the Chilli plants
  • No social media after 8 pm
  • Read Everyday- 30mins minimum
  • Write/ Draw Everyday- 30 mins minimum

So this is the list.

I have been trying to form some specific habits. Thanks to Shailaja who has inspired me to yell less (parenting rules). I will be attempting to do that too.



A long Hiatus

Yes, I am back to blogging. The long hiatus was because of a Writer’s block and my 2 year old daughter.

Blogging has been on my mind all this while , its just that, I never got the urge to start writing. The blank page kept staring at me. I didn’t know where to start or what to write about. It was in my mind , just that , my fingers would not move.

The update since I last blogged , is that, I have been reading a lot and listening to books too which is very helpful while traveling as I am not one of those who can read in a moving vehicle.

OTTO RADIO is the app , I am using to listen to books and its absolutely amazing. They have a huge collection of books. They specialise in podcasts which are also awesome.

The book, Lilac Girls  by Martha Hall Kelly has left me spellbound.

I am planning on being more regular with my posts.





An evening of Madhukori : Baul Music

A friend of mine organises kutcheri s or concerts in her living room. These events are open to all.

So last Saturday , I went for a Baul Music concert or rather I must say , a Baul experience. The artist Arpita , is a disciple of Parvathi Baul, who is practising the Baul tradition for more than 25 years now.

I have only heard and seen Parvathiji on YouTube. Listening to Arpita, at an intimate setting as a living room was a sublime experience. The tradition of Baul comes from West Bengal and Bangladesh. Baul artists sing, dance and play an instrument, all at once. The tradition is around 1000 years old and is continuously evolving with times. Arpita,as you see is wearing a saffron garment, denoting fire. She played the Ektara (a stinger instrument) and the Duggi(drums), singing dancing and twirling.

Madhukori or sacred begging. So Arpita wants to accompany her guru to japan and hence is raising funds. She is performing at various venues , raising her sacred begging bowl. She shared some insightful stories of people , who have helped in this journey , giving from their share of joys and sorrows, enriching this wonderful experience.


Decluttering: Medals

IMG_4223.jpgEarlier , I used to collect these medals. Now I feel absolutely nothing , when I hold them. Just cold metal. This bunch has been there on my shelf for quite a while now. Today I decided, I had to deal with it. No procrastinating.

Today I did as Marie Kondo says in her books, I held them in my hands and asked myself , If they spark any joy in me?. Answer , a Big No. I barely remember the race itself. Thats not the same with my bibs. I have a different relationship with them and those I keep close to my heart.

So, if these don’t spark joy , then they need to go. They add no value to my life.

Now the question is, do I just dump them in Drywaste or how do I recycle them?



Satara Half Marathon

YAY!!! Finally I did it.


Very Scenic Satara Half Marathon.

I had planned to run this event in 2015. Due to personal reasons could not attempt it then. This year with a lot of planning and training , managed to complete the Half Marathon in 2:33:16.

The event was organised very well. I actually underestimated the uphill part of the race. Coming down the hill was super fun. Fabulous cheering by the local crowd. The kids especially were out on the course helping and cheering the runners.

A dream fulfilled finally.



Disappointed? Release it.

Image result for expectation is the mother of disappointment

What is a world without hope and expectation? I wonder.

Image result for expectation is the mother of disappointment

Isn’t it so easy to get disappointed and complain? Why do we expect?

I have been contemplating on these thoughts. When you expect from a family member and you don’t receive it, disappointment haunts you down. I have been going through these emotions. Complaining and blaming, was what I was doing. It went no where.

I sat down and penned my thoughts on paper. Most issues were because of my thinking and my reasoning. Getting disappointed with the person for no fault of theirs was stupid.

So here is what I have decided to do:

  • Stop Complaining : Being  mindful of my words . Just stopping myself at the moment a complain arises.
  • Change the focus: Focus on changing the thoughts. Seeing what went wrong or right. Trying to learn from the situation.
  • Breathing: One deep breath and then another. Slowly the thought and the anger will disappear.
  • Releasing Disappointment: doing a meditation practise to release the various emotions.

So how do you’ll cope with disappointment? Please do share some release methods.






Niraamaya Retreats:Review

IMG_3523.jpgIMG_3534.jpgIMG_3530.jpgA short getaway. Luxury Escapes had an awesome deal on their site. We grabbed it. Two lovely nights at the quaint and pretty Niraamaya Retreats , Thekkady.

The place is located a little away from the town of Kumily, Kerala.

The first thing which hits you is the silence. It takes a few minutes to get used too. Then it’s pure bliss. You can actually hear the butterflies fluttering nearby.

The cottages are named after the various spices.


The food was delicious, though on the expensive side.

The retreat staff were extremely cordial and very helpful.


Overall, we were extremely satisfied and felt absolutely refreshed when we left from there.